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Hello ZombieJapan47min
Date: 2014-03-25
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Screening venue: Meeting Room N206-N207, HKCEC
Movie Image
International Premiere
Director: Souichi Takayama
Producer: Souichi Takayama
Production Co.: ACRE FILM Co.,Ltd.
Co-Production Co.:
Main Cast: Benbi-,Ai Kawamitsu,Kyouhei Higa,Tomoji Yamashiro,Shinichirou Chinen,Yasushi Murayama,Akabana-Seinenkai,
Genre: Horror/Suspense

"Directer of independent film circle Don (Benbi) was spending time to produce the scary movie with Tommy (Kyohei Higa) day and night. The real ZOMBIES appeared in front of them. He knows a risk, but his passion for cinema and fear is gradually accelerated knowingly risk. ""THE HYPER TROPICAL ZOMBIE MOVIE from OKINAWA"""
Remark(s): Fair badge holders except press and media