HK Films add new focus at Venice International Film Festival
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Hong Kong Films at Venice

The 62nd Venice International Film Festival is scheduled to take place between 31 August and 10 September 2005. This year there will be four diverse Hong Kong films at the Lido in Venice, displaying the new wind of Asian Films in the ancient Italian city.

First there is the martial arts epic by veteran director Tsui Hark, with his latest effort Seven Swords opening this year's festival. Also participating is acclaimed director Stanley Kwan, with his latest drama Everlasting Regret, taking the old Shanghai spirit to compete for the Golden Lion. Andrew Lau and Alan Mak's adaptation of the extremely popular drag racing Japanese comic book Initial D will participate in the non-competition category. To wrap up the festivities is the daring new project by director Peter Chan, closing the festival with the world premiere of his Chinese musical extravaganza Perhaps Love.