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Were you with us in 2005?
Were you a part of HAF 2005?  Asia's regional co-production and film financing platform?  If not, here is what you missed in March 2005:

  • Introductions and meetings with 453 film professionals from 24 countries and regions
  • First-look at 28 high potential film projects by some of Asia's most renowned and emergent filmmakers
  • Awards to the value of US$68,000 granted to six of the very best HAF 2005 projects
  • Extended business opportunities as HAF was held side-by-side with FILMART, Asia's premier international business platform for film, television, digital entertainment and multi-media

Quality filmmakers + financiers + bankers + distributors + dedicated match-maker = HAF

"The place in the calendar is now right.  At least half of the projects in the HAF selection were very good.  We expect to become involved with one or two of them."
Jean-Francois Deveau, Head of Acquisitions, MK2

What's happened since then?
Following the fruitful matchmaking activities throughout the course of HAF 2005, many of the 28 HAF projects selected for presentation have made headway in securing support for their film projects.  Here are some of the updates of who's doing what:

HAF Filmmakers' News

Ning Hao
Ning Hao

Chinese mainland director, Ning Hao, has been attracting a lot of overseas buzz with his critically acclaimed film, Mongolian Ping Pong, at film festivals such as Moscow, Seattle and Cambridge.  His project "Red Bicycle" was one of the 28 film and projects selected for presentation at HAF 2005, also one of two winners of the Focus Award.  In addition to receiving a cash prize award at HAF 2005, Ning Hao has also been selected as the sixth director to participate in the regional film project, FOCUS: First Cuts, which was launched at FILMART and HAF by Andy Lau's Focus Films and Star Chinese Movies.

FOCUS: First Cuts aims to bring new talent into the Chinese-language film industry by financing a series of six high definition (HD) features from up-and-coming directors.  Star Chinese Movies will have exclusive cable premieres in Asia for all six films.

Hassan Yektapanah
Hassan Yektapanah


Another HAF filmmaker, Hassan Yektapanah, has been receiving praise from the international film festival circuit as well.  His latest film, "Story Undone", won him Best Director Award in the Asian New Talent Category of the Shanghai Internation Film Festival this year.  Congratulations Hassan!


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